Broccoli + potato porridge

Ingredients: broccoli, potato, rice 

First time trying: broccoli 

- wash the ingredients 
- peel white potato
- put rice and potato in a small pot
- add water until it covers the ingredients and half of the pot
- stove cook for 45 minutes to one hour 
- stir occasionally
- when porridge is almost done, add in broccoli and continue to boil for another 5 minutes 
- place cooked porridge in food processor, blend for smoother consistency. Serve. 


  1. Do you know how long do i have to cook if i use mixed brown rice? Slightly longer or still between 45mins - 1hr? Portion of water still e same? Sorry if it sounds silly.. v lousy in cooking :p

    1. Hello I think depends on how much is it, hmm should be slightly longer. Or pre-soak the rice before cooking.