Mushroom potato soup + pumpkin sauce pasta

Ingredients & method : 
1) Mushroom potato soup

  • Button mushrooms, potato, onion, olive oil
- wash the ingredients and chop finely
- bake potato (mommysheree bake with breadmaker for about 20 min) 
- heat the pan with oil
- sauté onion
- add mushroom, stir fry 
- add potato, stir fry
- add water to cover the ingredients and simmer until cooked
- put in food processor and blend. Serve. 

2) Pumpkin sauce pasta 
  • Pumpkin, tomato, broccoli, shredded cheese, baby pasta 
- boil pasta in a bowl, add a drop of oil to prevent pasta from sticking. Set aside once cooked. 
- wash the ingredients clean
- dice to chunks
- steam pumpkin, tomato and broccoli for about 10 min
- blend to puree form
- add some shredded cheese 
- serve with cooked pasta 

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