Review: All4kids

Recently I was invited by All4kids to do a review on their store located in Bandar Baru Klang. Being a mom with growing kids and who loves frequent to baby store, you can imagine my excitement when they contacted me regarding it (also partly because it was my first invitation!). 

Touring the store with variety of educational toys turned me to a big kiddo, touching-exploring-playing with it, I was impressed with the wide range of products available.

Before I went to their store, I had been browsing through their product range in their facebook account and I knew my trip there would worth it, and I was right. Let me tell you why with the photos I captured. 

All4kids is a store that provide baby/kids essentials products that are hand-picked and always trend forward by moms for moms. The products they brought in include all type of educational toys and materials, Montessori products, wooden toys (love this), children's furniture, kid gym set, book, Peppa Pig (love this too!), Qiao Hu (巧虎), kids feeding utensils and bottles. They really stock up on good quality items. 

The store interior is bright and neat, and I can spend hours just browsing the store and soaking everything in. And the owners are more than happy to explain how to operate or play each educational toy to the customers. 
Big and prominent signboard you won't miss. Love the pink shade outside the store. 

Store display. 

One glance when you walk in the store, overwhelmed? Not yet. 

*NEW ARRIVAL* Yookidoo tablewares. Natural Bamboo Fiber Compressed Tableware for the little one. 

*NEW ARRIVAL* Eggsssss.... Kids love egg! 

Good for party pack. 

One of the store's best seller. The award winning circle set. Unleash your kid's imagination. 
*NEW ARRIVAL* My favourite! 5 activity stackers. Refine the little one's motor skill. Learn buckling, buttoning, lacing and zipping.
Learn colors, shape and animals. Feeling different texture. I so wanted to get it for my little boy. 

*NEW ARRIVAL* Different characters of Doctor set. 
*NEW ARRIVAL* The swimming pool fun time. Different type and design of float. 
*NEW ARRIVAL* Joan Miro Finger Paints encourage creativity in kids, are non-toxic, made with natural ingredients and easy to wash!

One of their hot-seller - baby roo silky crayon

*NEW ARRIVAL* MiDeer alphabet paired card. 

One of the store's best seller too. The calendar board. 

The number game.

Maths learning board. Helps develop basic number and counting skills fell an early age. 

For the builders.

Puzzle is every kid's favourite. They have this cartoons magnet puzzles. 

More choices. 

Collections of water bottle. For the hello kitty's + Thomas + Mickey Mouse fans. Good quality thermos jar. 

Strongly recommend this type. Both hubby and I agree that this is the best water bottle we have ever got for Julius. 

Posh vehicles for outdoor activity. How about the minion scooter. 

*NEW ARRIVAL* Mommy myself love the yellow two-sitter 

Love this wooden kitchen set. I'm sure my boy gonna love it too. They have a mini size wooden kitchen set which is very cute and handy. 

Piano set

Peppa pig corner 

Peppa pig building block series and book. 

The old school pencil case! How I miss this type of pencil case. Hair pin and necklace for the girls. 

Few design of handbag and plush toy. 
Don't have daughter but am so tempted to get it, so I got it for friends' daughters 

When we were young we had the paper princess changing set. This is wooden and quality is really good. Many designs too. For both boy and girl. 
Magnetic accessories, mommy had fun dolling it. 

Apple picking game. This remind me of the fishing game. Promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor, cognitive and visual perception skills. Portable and lightweight, great for travel. 

For the preschooler. Learn ABC and 123. 

My boy loves to wear the Thomas undies. 

Mini make up case for the princess. 

Toys that promote motor skill, hand-eye coordination, and visual stimulation. 

Isn't this revolving set of column cute? 

Book! Never too many book for your kids. 

Get your Usbourne sticker book here. 

*NEW ARRIVAL* The interesting Usbourne lift-the-flap series 

One of the series that I loved to read to Julius when he was young. 

A box set of 50 paperback editions from the award-winning Usbourne Very First Reading and First Reading series that inspire your child as he or she learns to read. 

They do have mandarin books. 

Highlight the kids rain boots. 
Never too many cars for your boys. 

*NEW ARRIVAL* So tempted to get this for big J. His favourite character. 

The piyo piyo corner. 

I got the teether and feeding bowl for Jayzee here.

They brought in avent products too. 

Jack and Jill toothpaste. 

Gym set for the healthy little boy and girl. 

You can even get kid's chair here. 

When you pay for your items at the counter, you might want to pick a few princess hair clip for your girl. 

*NEW ARRIVAL* Hair accessories for the girls 

And more hair accessories. 

Love this colourful beads necklace. 

Redeem a free gift when you check in to All4kids. 

They have more products besides shown in the photos, and more coming in in their next shipment, excited to see what they are bringing in. 

What I love about All4kids is not only the variety of products, but as a frugal mother of 2, I aim to source for products at more economic price. And here they offer items at a very competitive price.

All4kids address is:
15, Jalan Tiara 2C/KU1,
Pusat Perniagaan Bandar Baru Klang, 
41050 Klang, Selangor. 

If you are not able to drop by their store for personal shopping experience, online order is available at their online store at http://www.facebook.com/loveallforkids