Review: thinkbaby feeding set + GIVEAWAY

Mommy I have been exposed to a variety of baby feeding set, all the while I chose feeding set that are only BPA-free. Never did I know how a stainless steel feeding set can be a better and wiser choice for the little one, until I came across Thinkbaby complete BPA-free feeding set.

           (The boys are delighted!) 

Super delighted to be invited by TheJournie (http://www.thejournie.com) to review on this feeding set. Trying out new set is one thing (all women love kitchenware), on another hand is gaining knowledge on how a 304 food grade stainless steel is the best material when it comes to choosing baby feeding set. 

(Yay! New feeding set! Love the baby blue. Actually mommy wanted to choose the baby pink .... that shade of pink is so so nice...) 

The Complete BPA Free Feeding Set is ideal for your baby who has just made the transition to solid food. 

(Stacking games before meal time) 

Set includes: 
ஐ a bento box with airtight lid
ஐ a bowl with lid
ஐ a soup bowl with lid
ஐ a cup

        (Bento box - Leak proof test) 

(Low profile baby feeding bowl with lid, used as snack box for Julius) 

(High profile soup bowl with lid, both bowls' capacity is same)

(Prefect first cup and comes with handle that can clip onto bag straps)

Each piece is made from two shells comprising of a insulating non-toxic BPA free polypropylene casing which is a nice baby blue (or baby pink/light green/orange) and the inner bit is made from food-grade stainless steel. 
This product is designed in US and made in Korea.

(Two separable layers - outer insulating polypropylene layer; inner food grade stainless steel liner) 

What I love about it:
❣ First impression I love the bright and festive colour.

❣ It is sturdy and functional. Young baby tend to drop their bowl and you can have peace of mind that this sturdy piece won't break and scar your kid.

❣ They are not heavy at all so there won’t be extra weight to lug around. You can pack, carry or store foods for short trips with ease.

❣ Simplify work load. Steam baby's food in bowl and transfer directly to outer polypropylene casing. 

When I want to warm a cup of fresh milk for the big boy
       (The cup fits nicely to my warmer) 

(Place it back to outer case to prevent it from scalding my boy) 

         (The handle gives a good grip) 

❣ The perfect complete set for storing kid's food. Portion is just nice for baby.

❣ It is stainless steel and I love how easy it is to clean.

The thinkbaby feeding set is very attractive, it is much more sustainable then pure plastic options, even BPA-free plastic need to be replaced from time to time or once it is scratched. 

Choosing the right feeding material is essential for the little one. As their systems are still in a state of development they have very little defence against foreign chemicals. Thinkbaby products address the growing concern over toxic chemicals leaching from plastic baby products. 

         (Store snack for the little one) 

This set is good value for the money and I know we will get the most use out of them. And comparing to same range of product, it's pricing is very competitive and economic. I would recommend our dearest parents here to get a set for their weaning baby. A healthier lifestyle for the little one starts from us, the parents. 

GIVEAWAY time! Thanks to TheJournie for sponsoring a bento box for our friends here. 
To participate, please follow steps in our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/im.yapjulius). 

And all parents lovessss to go baby fair, TheJournie is participating in the upcoming TCE baby fair (24-27 November 2016), do drop by their booth to have a feel on thinkbaby products.