Egg yolk + tofu + vege pork porridge

Ingredients: Egg, tofu, tomato, broccoli, millet, quinoa, pork, rice

First time trying: Egg yolk

- wash the ingredients clean 
- dice the ingredients to small chunks 
- put millet, quinoa, pork and rice in a small pot
- add water until it covers the ingredients and half of the pot
- stove cook for 45 minutes to one hour 
- stir occasionally
- add tofu, tomato, broccoli and continue to boil for another 5 minutes before turning off fire 
- once done, put cooked porridge in food processor, blend for smoother consistency. 
- on another bowl, boil egg for 10 minutes, remove egg yolk from the white
- first time serve half of the egg yolk only
- serve egg yolk together with porridge
- Egg whites are one of the top 8 allergen and should not be fed to babies before one year old 
- Always start off with small portion of egg yolk before progress to whole egg yolk and it is important to follow the 4 days wait rule to rule out allergic reactions.

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