Brussel sprouts + baby carrot + chicken porridge

Ingredients: 3 Brussel sprouts, 1 baby carrot, chicken, rice

First time trying: Brussel sprouts 

- wash the ingredients clean 
- peel the skin of baby carrot and remove the leaf
- cut the ingredients to small chunks, chop each Brussel sprout to four quarter
- put carrot, chicken and rice in a small pot
- add water until it covers the ingredients and half of the pot
- stove cook for 45 minutes to one hour 
- stir occasionally
- add Brussel sprouts and continue to boil for another 5 minutes before turning off fire 
- once done, put cooked porridge in food processor, blend for smoother consistency. Serve. 

Brussel sprouts can cause wind/gas, so only give your baby a little.