Caramel apple pudding

Ingredients: apple, egg, brown sugar, fresh milk, water

- to make bottom caramel part: add one teaspoon of brown sugar in a small pot and start to boil, once sugar boil to dissolve, add 60ml of warm water, stir. Turn off fire once boiling, pour sugar to pudding jar. Once cool, put pudding jar in freezer to solidify. 
- peel and dice apples to chunks
- place apple and 30ml of fresh milk in blender and blend and sieve. 
- (one egg requires 100ml fresh milk. If the end product of sieved apple milk is 60ml, add another 40ml of fresh milk.) 
- beat egg to apple milk, stir evenly, sieve 2 times.
- get pudding jar from the freezer, pour in apple milk
- place the pudding jar in steamer and steam for 10 minutes. 
- done. Once pudding is cooled, put in fridge. Serve chill. 

Remark: for baby who has not tried whole egg and fresh milk, can substitute with egg yolk and formula milk/breast milk. 

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