Corn + carrot + broccoli + grain + chicken porridge

Ingredients: Corn, carrot, broccoli, millet, quinoa, chicken, rice

First time trying: corn 

- wash the ingredients clean 
- peel the skin of carrot
- boil the ingredients (corn, carrot, broccoli) for about 15-20 minutes 
- dice the ingredients to small chunks and set aside 
- put millet, quinoa, chicken and rice in a small pot
- add water until it covers the ingredients and half of the pot
- stove cook for 45 minutes to one hour 
- stir occasionally
- once done, toss cooked vege on top of porridge. Serve. 

Foods Good to Mix With Corn for Baby Food:
Remark: Because corn – fresh corn in particular – is difficult for babies to digest, many parents prefer to delay its introduction until their digestive systems are a little more robust – generally after 12 months of age.

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